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      Product name:Automatic production line of Egg tarts skin

      Update time:2020-3-30 16:08:34

      product details

      The eggtarts skin production line is made up of egg tarts skin making machine and egg tarts skin forming machine. With the compact structure, easy operate,stable property designing philosophy, Adopt the main advantages from the similar product in the word, combine the nice Characteristics of domestic product structure. The machine with higher degree of automatic, low workers needed, Suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises scale production.


      Production Process:

      Dough pre-pressing---dough conveying---rolling and stretching--filling butter then folding---rolling and stretching make dough strips overlapping---rolling and stretching---made dough strips overlapping second time---rolling and stretching again--pressing and thinning--dough sheet dividing --rolling and forming


      Equipment details:

      Factory Exhibition:


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